Individual consultations

In Jauchelette


online via Zoom

Guidance and healing - men as a physical and spiritual being

(meditation, healing, energetic work, possibly supplemented with more physical treatments).
Cost: 120 euros per hour
(I realize this is a lot of money, but since I have been working (more than) full-time as an "activist" for 5 months now during these corona times without hardly any payments for this, I have decided to set the price of a consultation high enough. In this way you support me in my work as one of the few doctors in Belgium, who speaks out publicly about the disproportionate measures, the violation of human rights and the many lies and misunderstandings surrounding covid-19 and in my work for several national and international groups of doctors, scientists and lawyers. Thank you for your understanding.)

Please send an email to if you wish to book a consultation.

You will not receive a doctor's certificate for these consultations.

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Asclepios Temple Greece