Occult Meditation

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for people who want to learn to meditate, but definitely also for people who are used to meditate and want to go deeper...



"Fundamentally, meditation is to assist alignment and so permit of contact with the Higher Self" (Alice A. Bailey)

In this course we will study (based on the book "Letters on Occult Meditation"  by Alice A. Bailey): 

The Importance of Meditation.

Points considered when assigning a Meditation.

The use of the Sacred Word in Meditation.

Dangers to be avoided in Meditation.

The use of Form in Meditation.

The use of Colour and Sound in Meditation.

Access to the Masters through Meditation...

Purification of the Vehicles (the physical, emotional and mental body).

The Exoteric Life of Service.

by Hilde De Smet

Location: School of Occult Meditation


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