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About Hilde De Smet

Hilde De Smet

Hilde De Smet graduated as a medical doctor at the catholic university of Louvain. After one year of specialization in anesthesiology, she started her education to become a general practitioner at the university of Ghent.

Already during her studies she tried to fathom the mystery of health and disease.  She didn't find adequate answers at university and followed additional trainings in acupuncture, auriculomedicinae, orthomolecular medicine, homeopathy, ESB (energetic structural balancing) and NST (Neurostructural integration technique). She also studied applied kinesiology, herbal medicine, bio-energetic trance (BET) and hypnosis. Over the last years she also applied color and sound for healing.

In August 2019 she scaled down her medical practice and she dedicated herself to giving courses about esotericism, healing and health.

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She is initiated in the Reiki healing system (third degree) and in the Alchemic Healing of Tareth, and she studied the Esoteric Healing described in the books of Alice Bailey.  She is familiar with shamanic healing traditions, especially from the Andes tradition (Peru), the Toltec tradition (Mexico) and the native people of the Amazon forest. 

​In her personal quest she met and she was inspired by Eastern as well as by Western teachers. From a young age on she was drawn to the works of Alice A. Bailey and H.P. Blavatsky. She studied  the Western esoteric tradition (the Golden Dawn, Dion Fortune...),  Celtic traditions, Eastern wisdom and the teachings of the native people of North- and South-America.

In her work she tries to connect and unify teachings and healing systems from different traditions.

She is a mother of three sons: Alex, Lucas and Victor.

"When I was 19 years old and started to meditate, I was introduced to the book of Alice A. Bailey, "Initiation human and solar".  I continued borrowing her books from the public library, although at that time I didn't understand much of them. But they spoke to me, on a deeper level, they touched me and awakened something inside of me. ..

At that time I was a disciple of Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual teacher who had grown up in the ashram of Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry, India. I was a medical student then and for 5 years I travelled to New York twice a year to visit my teacher.

After this intense period in my life, I came in contact with several other spiritual teachers from East and West. I felt a strong connection with the work of Tareth and I studied Indian and Buddhist philosophy, the traditions of the Q'ero Indians of Peru and the Amazone tribes, the Toltec teachings from Mexico, as well as Taoism.  I am very inspired by the books of  H.P. Blavatsky and Dion Fortune and I am interested in Western occult and magical traditions and Celtic culture.

When I read the book "Letters on Occult Meditation" by Alice Bailey, I was intrigued by the chapter about the future meditation schools. Somewhere deep inside I knew I wanted to be part of this vision.

Only after many years of searching, personal and spiritual growth, I finally gave answer to this inner call. In August 2019 I scaled down my practice.

With this school in Jauchelette, Jodoigne, I hope

- together with a lot of other projects all over the world - to make a beginning of these future schools of occult meditation.

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