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Healing Temple - School of Occult Meditation

Asclepios Temple Greece

To be cured and to be healed are not identical. We often recover from a disease, but we are not always healed. On the other hand, healing is often followed by the body being cured.

The path of healing takes courage and surrender. In order to become whole again, we must change our blueprints of reality, which cause us to be injured again and again. The pain, which we have accumulated throughout our lives and which we have nourished time and again, must be released, in such a way that every moment can be new again and not just another repetition of our past. We learn to let go of control and our beliefs of how life should be, and we let go of what is making us sick. Sometimes healing can temporarily disrupt our life.

We learn to question the desires that are not fulfilled the way we want. We open ourselves to new possibilities.

Gradually, we will open our hearts and reconnect with the great Life that flows through us. Healing occurs when light and dark, good and bad cease to exist and we can and dare to live our own life in peace and fullness.

Usually, healing takes place at a time when life touches us deeply, when we transcend our daily reality. We can also reach those deeper layers in ourselves in a state of relaxation, meditation or during a ritual or ceremony. With the help of visualization, sound, breathing, ritual or symbol we enter the mythical world of "fantasy" and archetypes within ourselves. We open the doors of our super- or subconscious mind and come into contact with what Jung called the "collective subconscious"  or even beyond with our "Soul". We become familiar with the many stories and faces that guide us subconsciously. We learn to listen to our own inner guidance. But above all, we learn to rewrite the stories that have been binding us all our lives; we are going to negotiate with the voices and the faces that live in us and we learn to heal within ourselves what is incomplete.

By daring to make contact with our deepest emotions and instincts and shed light on our own darkness, we learn to find peace within ourselves and healing can occur.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it destiny."

C.G. Jung

In the individual consultations the following healing methods below can be applied, often in a combination.

Depending on the situation, the condition and the demand, these methods can be supplemented with other techniques such as (ear)acupuncture, body techniques such as NST (neurostructural integration) or ESB (energetic structural balancing), light or sound therapy or the administration of herbs, supplements, blossom therapies, essences or homeopathic remedies.

Esoteric healing (Alice A. Bailey)

"All disease is the result of inhibited soul life, and that is true of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul, so that its life can flow..."

"The art of the healer is concerned with the lifting of the downward focused eyes unto the soul, the true Healer within the form."

Alice A. Bailey - Esoteric Healing



"Giving and receiving"  healing practice from Tibetan buddhism, based on compassion.


Healing system (re)discovered by Mikao Usui, inspired by the Japanese Buddhist tradition.

Alchemic healing

of Tareth, using symbols and manifested sounds to reconnect us with Source.


Healing and energetic techniques from the Inca tradition (Peru)

Many ancient peoples knew and still know the way to the underworld. Ancient myths tell about this journey. The journey to the underworld can be difficult and confronting. In order to be able to let go and to heal, we must first face what is holding us back to be happy. After all, only we ourselves hold the key to our happiness.

Soul Retrieval is a healing technique applied by many indigenous people. In a dream journey we descend deep into the underworld in search of our original wound. Afterwards we encounter the image of our healed self and integrate it back into our daily reality.

In this way, our soul, which is often fragmented by past trauma and pain, can become whole again.

We use the technique described by Alberto Villoldo.

- In the Illumination technique (Alberto Villoldo) our energy field is purified from the psychic mud, that has been accumulating during our life. Our light body is being cleansed and limiting blueprints are released. During this process it is possible that images and stories emerge from the subconscious mind, often stories or some of the many faces inside of us, that have been forgotten or repressed.

We may encounter ancestral pieces - unhealed emotions or patterns from our family line that we unconsciously repeat -, or crystallisations or blockages caused by unresolved conflicts with others. In some cases our energy field is a host for energies that do not belong to us and that feed on our negative emotions.


- The Quero Indians, the descendants of the Incas, use certain energetic techniques to drain their "heavy" energy and replace it with "light" energy, coming from heaven or from the earth. By applying these techniques we can purify our energy field, remove ballast and recharge ourselves.

Another possibility is to learn to digest or convert our "heavy" energy, but also that of other people and our environment, with our "spiritual" stomach (qosqo) and use part of these transformed energies as "nourishment".


- Making Despachos: ritual offerings for the Earth, in which all our intentions and prayers are placed.

Energetic techniques from the Toltec tradition (Mexico)

Recapitulation is a powerful technique for healing our past and allowing us to live freely and uninhibitedly in the now. With certain breathing techniques we systematically reclaim all the emotions and energy that we in the past have lost during contact with others, and we let go of all emotions or energy of others that do not belong to us.

- Based on the (meanwhile) 5 agreements, described by Don Miguel Ruiz, we learn to purify our thoughts. We release all the "truths" that we have adopted in our process of domestication (what Miguel Ruiz calls the "taming" of man by educators and society). We learn to see through the thousands of voices and opinions within ourselves. In this way we can become free again and lead our own lives. We can create our own life dream, instead of living the dream of society or from our parents and educators.

The Alchemy of Thought

In a state of deep relaxation, we learn to be aware of and influence our subconscious processes. We learn to recreate our reality from the deeper layers of our consciousness.

Very often we are lived by our circumstances, by our thoughts and (pre)judgments, by the image we have about ourselves, our health and our life situation.

By gaining mastery over our thinking, anything that prevents us from being happy or growing is dealt with at its roots. This way profound healing can occur, the courage and insight can be found to tackle and change things in our lives, creativity can flow freely or we can learn to live fully with our limitations.

For thousands of years, it has been recognized that by changing our thoughts, we can change our life conditions. Contact is made with the subconscious by means of simple concentration and meditation techniques. It is in this deeper state of consciousness that we can change thinking patterns, our self-image or our vision of life. It is also there that creativity arises or solutions to a problem can become clear. At the level of our daily, rational thinking it is much more difficult to realize profound changes.


By letting go of our old thinking patterns and actively changing them, a new life story can be created, a new self-image, a new energy level, new life situations and opportunities. By freeing ourselves within, we can discover who we are in essence and become co-creators of our reality.


“The greatest discovery of the 19th century was not in the domain of the physical sciences, but was the power of the subconscious mind ... Overcoming all weaknesses, physical healing, financial independence, spiritual awakening, prosperity beyond our farthest dreams. This is the superstructure of happiness. "

William James, Harvard psychologist

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

While our focus is on a traumatic past event or a particular fear or other limiting emotion, the beginning or end points of our meridians (energy pathways) are being tapped. In this way emotional, mental and even physical blockages can dissolve and be removed.


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