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Reconnection with the feminine Psyche through the Wheel of the Year.
for women and men

Our psyche has both a feminine and a masculine part, whether we are women or men.

The feminine part in ourselves is connected to the Law of rhythm, the ability to create, nurture and care for new life. Connected to nature, to healing, to living and dying here on earth. Connected to our emotional nature, the ability to connect, to sensitivity and intuition. 

According to the rhythm of the 8 Celtic year festivals, we are going to connect with this feminine aspect of our psyche.

In the circle and around the fire we are going to make contact with some of the great female archetypes, embodied in the goddesses from different cultures (Greek, Celtic and Egyptian) through meditation, energetic exercises and ritual.

We are going to reconnect with the rhythms of nature, the rhythm of the year, the rhythm of the moon. We are going to reconnect with nature in all her aspects (mineral, plant, animal), with our emotional strength, with our capacity to create, to give and to take life.


And above all, we are going to enjoy being together, sharing with each other, the soft female setting in which everyone can be themselves and from which our inner strength can awaken.


Samhain October 30th 2021

Artemis - Ceridwen

Yule December 18th 2021

Cailleach - Noet

Imbolc Februari 5th 2022

Hesta - Brigid

Ostara March 19th 2022

Athena - Maat

Beltane April 30th 2022

Aphrodite - Hathor

Litha June 25th 2022

Hera - Nechbet

Lughnasadh August 6th 2022

Demeter - Dana - Isis

Mabon September 24th 2022

Persephone - Nephtys

4 - 10 pm

biological vegan / vegetarian meal included 



Mary Magdalene

probably by Leonardo Da Vinci

For women and men who want to get in touch with their anima or feminine aspect of their psyche.

By Hilde De Smet 

The first day can be attended without obligation, afterwards registration for the full course is required.

Indicative price: 120 euros per day (including meal) - 960 euros for the 8 days

You are free to adjust this amount to your possibilities. 

Location: School of Occult Meditation in Jauchelette (location may change if measures become more strict- the course will continue live).

Registration : by clicking on the event below (indicative price)


                       by email ( and payment by bank                               transfer on BE31 2900 3948 2455 BIC GEBABEBB (Hilde De Smet)

Schermafbeelding 2021-08-15 201730.png

painting by Susan Seddon Boulet


Sheela-na-gigs of Ireland

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