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with Sound and Color

4 Days

Dates follow


Healing with sound and color ( our voice, musical instruments or electronic devices and colored lamps) and meditation on sound and color is a powerful way to expand our consciousness and deepen our perception of ourselves and the universe surrounding us ("As above, so below"). 


"Sound, light, vibration, and the form blend and merge, and thus the work is one. It proceedeth under the law, and naught can hinder now the work from going forward.  The man breathes deeply.  He concentrates his forces, and drives the thought-form from him."

(Rule IV  A Treatise on White Magic - Alice A. Bailey )

"It is a truism to say that sound is colour and colour is sound, yet so it is, and the topic I really seek to bring to your attention is ... the colour effects of sound."

(Letters on Occult Meditation - Alice A. Bailey)

In these 4 days we will (learn to) heal with color and sound in different ways and work with teachings from different traditions: 

Alice A. Bailey, H.P. Blavatsky, Golden Dawn, Pythagoras, Persia (Zarathoestra), India and Tibet, the Bible, modern science...

-sound frequencies to influence brain waves


-correspondences between color and sound - the electromagnetic spectrum

-sound and color and the different "bodies" 

-colors and the Rays

-frequencies and the planets (Hans Cousto)

-sound and mathematics (Pythagoras)

-harmonic teachings Mazdaznan (Zarathoestra)

-the concert pitch conflict 432 Hz vs 440 Hz vs 444 Hz

-the Solfeggio frequencies

- manifested sounds of Tareth

-the use of mantra's

-(crystal) bowls and tuning forks

-native instruments

-And especially our own voice (no singing experience required)...

by Hilde De Smet 

Indicative price: 131 euros per day (including meal) - 524 euros for the 4 days

You are free to adjust this amount to your possibilities. 

Location: School of Occult Meditation in Jauchelette

Registration : by email ( and payment by                             bank transfer on BE31 2900 3948 2455 BIC GEBABEBB

                       (Hilde De Smet)

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