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The Seven Rays -
Esoteric Psychology

7 days

New dates follow

 In this global crisis, it is important to be able to take a step back from time to time and not get too caught up in external events. An understanding of the Seven Rays, which permeate and shape everything in this creation, can help with this.

In addition, this understanding can give us a deep insight into who we are, our psychology and that of our fellow human beings. We learn to recognise our strengths (and with that also our weaknesses) and to have more understanding for our fellow man.

"The esotericist ... has therefore:

To recognise the conditioning energies in his environment, seeing them not as events or circumstances but as energy in action; by this means he learns to find his way behind the scene of outer happenings into the world of energies... Events, circumstances, happenings and physical phenomena of every kind are simply symbols of what is occurring in the inner worlds, and it is into these worlds that the esotericist must enter as far as his perception permits..."

"Bear in mind, however, that energies per se are neither bad nor good. The Great White Lodge, our spiritual Hierarchy, and the Black Lodge employ the same universal energies but with different motives and objectives..."

Alice Bailey - Education in the New Age

These streams of energy  (we will study) differentiate into a major three, yet remain one stream.  This is an occult fact worthy of the deepest meditation.  In their turn they differentiate into seven streams which "carry into the light," as it is called, the seven types of souls.  It is with these seven that we shall deal."

Alice A. Bailey Esoteric Psychology I

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by Hilde De Smet

Indicative price: 131 euros per day (including meal) - 917 euros for the 7 days

You are free to adjust this amount to your possibilities. 

Location: School of Occult Meditation in Jauchelette

Registration : by email ( and payment by bank                         transfer on BE31 2900 3948 2455 BIC GEBABEBB (Hilde De Smet)

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